? Evaluation on Financial Centers--Index 滚球盘365_bet365滚球合法吗_365滚球进不去

Financial center can gather the financial resources, enhance the efficiency of resource allocation and promote upgrading of industrial structure, as well as elevate the added value of social wealth and improve the competitiveness of the centre cities. Countries all over the world put the construction of financial centre in a practical and strategic position. In China。

滚球盘365 Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI)", published by the City of London, is one of the most professional and authoritative evaluations in competitiveness of all major financial centers worldwide. From March 2007, GFCI began to evaluate 46 global financial centers, and updated regularly in March and September each year to indicate new changes in the competitiveness of these centers. Up until March 2010, six editions have been released, with the evaluation objects being expanded to 75 worldwide。
Based on years of research on regional finance, CDI has compiled the China Financial Center Index (CFCI) with officially published statistic data, in a bid to make a comprehensive analysis on the development of China’s Financial Centers, and then provide useful reference for the China's financial center construction
In this column, we are going to make a series of analysis on domestic financial centers regarding the layout, classification, evolution, strength and weakness. The development strategy, promoting policies, research papers about these centers are also available.
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